IRISH METALS is a consortium and a group of reputed professional that promotes five service sectors regulatory, assaying, acquisition and auctioning of precious metals, antique items and also super natural rare metals in the markets. IRISH METALS has its global presence and promoting its business activities in USA, UK, Germany, France, and India in particular and also other part of the world such as Romania, Russia, Poland, Korea, Israel, Singapore, Canada and Australia in general.

IRISH METALS team is dedicated and focused to provide custom fitted solutions and specialized in quality evaluation and technical assaying services. IRISH METALS is having international association and a strong network, subsidiaries and family of companies, investors, producers, refiners, fabricators, metallurgists, scientists, users, and financial institutions. IRISH METALS promotes the state of the art technologies and also to use, reuse, and recycling of precious metals from both primary and secondary market and sources. IRISH METALS envisaged commercializing the advance communication program and technologies worldwide