Monetization Services

The IRISH METALS is converting all your mega value assets, property, precious metals, precious stones, radioactive materials and rare and super natural materials into currency.

By good fortune some people find and come across rare and supernatural material, copper iridium based radio-isotopes (radioactive material) which contain high gamma radiation energy, and they want to convert such materials into currency through a legal sale.By mis fortune they are facing a biggest hurdle of stringent regulatory laws and thus unable to sell/dispose off such materials. If you are looking for a best deal you can contact us.We provide one stop solution for all such needs e.g. assaying, regulatory approvals, sale-purchase and auction.

If you are looking for a best deal in any kind of banking instruments such as Bond, SKRs, BGs, FDRs LCs, SBLCs, T-Strips and MTNs etc then contact us.